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who can audition?

Any one can audition as long as they walk in with a smile! 

WHAT DO I expect?

Once you arrive to the studio, you will sign in and set your belongings down. You will then learn a short dance combination and we will do it a few times (like a class). And that's it! You will receive an email with all the information the team you have been selected for!


Bring your dance shoes (if you have them), your water bottle and a positive attitude!

what is the age limit?

The age requirement to audition is sixteen with parental approval.

Do I need a partner to audition?

No, no partner needed. Once you've made a team, your directors will select a partner for you. 

WHAT DO I wear?

Wear anything that is comfortable for you to move in!

Dance shoes, sneakers, heels are fine!

*Please no jeans 


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