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Training Teams

We understand that every dancer's journey is different in its own way! Our non- performance training teams are designed for dancers who have interest in only training, and no performances.


Bachata Training team will consist of learning and understanding the basics of bachata. This team will learn to count music, understand the instruments that make up bachata, and learn basics that will give the dancers a strong foundation. We will spend time working on social dance skills with a partner, with a main focus on lead and follow techniques. We will also touch on building a solid foundation of understanding bachata choreography and how that can be translated on stage.

This is a great team for someone who is new into bachata and wanting to grasp a strong foundation of dance & music on and off the dance floor.


Salsa Calena Training team will consist of learning the style of salsa on1 and the basics of Salsa Calena. This particular style is considered a rapid dance with strong technique. This team will break down the fundamentals  of understanding salsa and the roots of Calena. The salsa calena training team is structured like a class, and every training session will be a consistent learning experience from the culture, the basics of salsa on1, cali style dancing, and the essence of Calena

This team is a great team for someone who is wanting to learn a technical styles and is up for a challenge is salsa dancing.

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