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How do I get started?

Please download our EMDC app in order to commence your EMDC journey. Our app provides exclusive EMDC updates, studio bookings, class schedules, pop up master classes, and more. 

How many teams does EMDC offer?

Performing Teams:

1. THRIVE (BEG/INT) bachata partnering

2. RISE (INT/ADV) bachata partnering

3. POWER (ADV/PRO) bachata partnering

4. Shines (BEG, INT, ADV)

7. Salsa Calena

8. Hip Hop

9. EMDCx

Non-performing Teams:

10. Bachata 

11. Salsa

who can i contact for a general consultation?

Please schedule a 15-minute phone call:

Do i needto have dance experience?

No! We accept all levels and provide training as well as open level classes Monday-Sunday.

Let's Work Together

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